My trip to Hawaii

Interview to TravelAgentGo

What’s the thing you like the most about Hawaii?

I love the fact that there’s everything there, beautiful nature, amazing beaches, volcanoes and people there are so nice and friendly.
It’s such a special place. 

How’s the weather? Is it too hot?

The weather is hot most of the year, I have been there few times during the summer and it was hot but nice, it rains sometimes too but not too much. When it rained the first time I was there, we drove to the other side of the island and continue our trip to discover different places there.
Winter often goes from October to April so it’s a bit cooler then. 

 Is there a lot of tourism in Hawaii?
Do you think one day tourism will destroy this place?

There is a lot of tourism, but it depends where.
For example, in Oahu (Honolulu) there is a lot of tourism as opposed to Kauai, which is very quiet and calm. There is tourism there as well, but also some places that are more quiet.
We have been to a beach there called Secret Beach, which mostly surfers go and few tourists, it was beautiful but not many people at all.
It is really more for discovering beautiful nature and incredible views, going on nice hikes. Hopefully tourism won’t ruin the nice simple and peaceful vibes there one day. 

How are the beaches?
Did you find them polluted or clean?

From what I have seen, they looked mostly clean.
Beautiful clear waters, especially in Waikiki, but maybe it depends on the area there. In general the beaches there are beautiful and there are some really nice black sand beaches as well.

Did you have the possibility to see the underwater world? If yes, how was it?

I did snorkeling there. It is a great experience and scuba diving once.
At certain hours early in the morning there are sea turtles, and many other amazing sea creatures. 

Are the Hawaii an expensive place?
How are the prices?

Hawaii is considered expensive, even just to get there since the closest land to it is California, which is around a five hour flight.
Hotels can be expensive as well, but you can also find some cheaper places, and the food as well, but it all depends on what kind of trip you are looking for. 

Do you suggest to go to Hawaii for a holiday?

I do suggest, it really is a great vacation, whether you just want to relax by the beach, or go for a nice surf, go hiking in special places.

Basing on your experience, do you think Hawaii is a poor place? Why?

I think it’s a simple place, it’s not like a grand city that needs all the fancy restaurants and shops, and people are down to earth.
Every city has an area that is considered more poor, but really you don’t need much if you live there by the sea and have a very nice, calm, simple life. 

How are the local people?
How did they behave with you?

The locals were very nice, very down to Earth, they were very sweet.

Leave us a general comment about your experience in Hawaii

I recommend a trip to Hawaii to everyone.
It’s a unique and amazing experience, so beautiful, and with so many things to do. There are still places there I haven’t been and would love to go.

Thanks to TravelAgentGo for taking part to the “Experience” project.
We hope the best for you!

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