The beauty of Bali

Interview to Suci

How long have you been to Bali? Where did you stay?

I was born in Bali and spent my life living here. I live in Mengwi, Badung. Close to Canggu and Tabanan.

Did you meet someone in Bali? How are people with strangers? Are there a lot of tourists?

Because I live here, I have many friends who are also a traveler.
I usually travel with them every spare time.
Balinese people are very friendly, very welcoming to tourists as long as tourists do not violate the rules of culture in Bali. I meet a lot of tourists when I go to Canggu, Kuta, Jimbaran and Ubud.

Is Bali a poor place?

I don’t think Bali is a poor place. Bali is rich in culture and tourist attractions. Of course this also makes tourism in Bali well developed and become a good income for the country.

Did you find Bali polluted or it was clean?

The best thing about Bali is that the air is very clean.
Although there are times and places that are indeed the center of the city there are sometimes pollution, but almost all the places in Bali that I visit are pollution-free.

Is Bali like you expected it to be or it was different?

Because I am a local, I do not know exactly how tourists expect about Bali. But I’m proud to be a Balinese, with all its Culture and Nature.

What about the weather, how was it?

Bali has 2 seasons, rainy season and summer. I usually go to almost every place when it’s summer. But during the rainy season I will prefer go to the waterfall.

How is the food? Why was your favorite dish?

Balinese food is very tasty. But I think it depends on everyone. My favorite local food is Nasi Campur, which contains rice with a mixture of Balinese side dishes and vegetables.

Do you think tourism will ruin Bali one day?

If there are many tourists who live in Bali and without tolerance of Balinese culture it is possible. But I do not dare to argue much about that. I hope that tourists will maintain their attitude and not damage Bali.

How are the transports in Bali? 

Most Balinese use motorbikes for transportation. Usually in every villa or hotel will provide motorcycle rental for tourists. And there is a mobile application called gojek and grab, they provide transportation at a pretty cheap cost.

Leave us a general comment about your experience 

I am very grateful to be a Balinese, there are many places that I can explore, live with beautiful culture and art. Very delicious local food and the people are very kind. I hope tourists will guard Bali and not break the rules here. So that Bali will remain a paradise for those who love the beauty of nature and culture.

Thanks to Suci for taking part to the “Experience” project, we hope you the best!

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