My trip to Singapore

Interview to Tarpin Loin

How do you describe Singapore?

Clearly, the first adjectives for us to describe Singapore are hot and humid. Indeed, the weather is the first thing that marks your mind when you discover this city.
Be ready to search for freshness within the numerous gardens of the city or within the conditioned air malls. 

Does it has a lot of “Instagram locations” as it is said?

Indeed, it does ! The numerous gardens offer a lot of instagram views that show the contrast between the skyscrapers and the lush vegetation. The first place that we recommend is «Garden by the bay». In this park, it is possible to see the «Marina Bay Sand» and the «Super Trees» : The high metallic trees covered by climbing plants. A walkway link three of them at twenty meters high and offer of wonderful view to the garden and the «marina bay sand».

Do you think Singapore is really like that or it was “built to be liked”?

We believe both answers are correct. This is a dynamic place with recent buildings and skyscrapers. There are very big architectural project like « garden by the bay » which improve the quality of life in the city thanks to vegetation, freshness and possibility to walk close the nature. And clearly, for us, the real nature of Singapore is to be such a modern and green city. 
And on the other hand, the old neighborhoods like Chinatown have been renovated in order to be liked by the visitors. The result of the rehabilitation is a success. There are a lot of possibility of instagram pictures to show the differences between the old and the modern Chinatown.

How do you think is the lifestyle in Singapore?

We think Singapore is an extremely dynamic and modern city and we expect the lifestyle to be very close to others megalopolis such as London, New York, Paris or Tokyo. We also think that the life is sweeter thanks to the proximity with the nature. 

 Is it expensive? How much did you spend more or less for the time of your journey?

Yes clearly. We have to sleep in a capsul Hotel because other hotels were too expensive for us. It was a nice experience and we keep in mind the memory of a narrow night. 
In fact, except the food in the foodcourts which is very affordable and delicious, the life cost is the same as the one we know in European capitals.

Do you suggest to a freelancer to live in Singapore or you suggest only to visit it?

We think to live in Singapore could be an amazing experience.
The cultural diversity of the city which is a crossroad between Asia and western countries  is incredible. Moreover, the modern infrastructure of the city (school, hospital, public transportation) are great. So, we believe it is a very good place to stay. 

Is there a lot of caos in Singapore?
What about traffic?
And the night life?
How is it?

Singapore is an orderly and harmonious city. There isn’t chaos ! There is heavy traffic but always regular. Public transportation are really well organized. The subway is modern and efficient. Discovering the city on foot is pleasant because the roads are suitable for pedestrians. 
The night life is rich, pleasant and without disturbance. Really “good natured atmosphere”. There are many restaurants, bars and nightclubs. We recommend clark quay for a good night.

How did you feel the day of the departure to go to Singapore? Was it your first time there?

It was our first time there. On one hand we were excited to discover this new multicultural and dynamic city, but on the other hand we were quite depressed because we were leaving the paradisiac island of Tioman in Malaysia, were we have been enjoying ourself for the past three days. So our bus travel to reach Singapore was filled with mixed feeling (as it is often the case at the start of a great journey). 

What’s the thing you liked the most about this place?

The food ! There are many possibilities to eat in Singapore. All the asian food are represented, and it is really pleasant to be able to choose which kind of asian specialities you wish to taste at any time in the day and at a very affordable price !

Leave a general comment about your experience

We only spent 2 days in Singapore and clearly it was not enough to enjoy all of the things that  this city has to offer. We recommend to spent at least 5 days, if your wallet enables it, to discover the city.
Due to the cultural diversity of Singapore, to stay there is a way to have a taste of most of Asian cultures !
Are you ready for your next adventure ?

Thanks to Tarpin Loin for taking part to the “Experience” project.

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