The beauty of Marrakech

Interview to Kathy and Miguel

Is there something about the Moroccan culture that surprised you?

Yeah! I mean, we were expecting an intense city, but it was more intense than we expected! For us, who travel mostly around Europe, it’s a massive culture change, it can be truly overwhelming sometimes because there are always a lot of people, in very small streets, selling a lot … I mean A LOT of stuff. Plus they have an aggressive selling speech and you have to negotiate everything, so your mind gets tired quickly and your body as well because you have to walk so much! You are almost obligated to make breaks, to go back to your accommodation and rest a little, and then continue to explore the city because you get very tired.

Have you drank the traditional tea? How was it? What about the typical food? Did you enjoy it?

Actually no, because I (Kathy) don’t like mint and Miguel isn’t a fan of tea, so we end up not tasting it. But we regret it, next time we will drink it for sure.

 Did you find Morocco like you’ve always imaged it or it was different?

We feel like it was, and it wasn’t at the same time, because you know how the city is in theory, but you can’t really imagine all of that intensity … you can only feel it went you are there! 

How did you feel once you got out of the airport?

o be honest, we felt super unsafe at first.
Mostly because our flight arrived at night and the transfer we booked online wasn’t there at the supposed time, so we end up waiting at the airport entrance, in despair, without knowing what to do, but half an hour later the guy showed up and everything went well with the ride to the accommodation.

Will you go to Morocco again? Why? Do you suggest to others to go to Morocco?

We would go back again, but in a different style of travel! We will go with a bigger budget. We feel like it would be a completely different experience if we were in a luxury style trip, because there are a lot of amazing hotels, spas and experiences to do in that budget, not so much in a lower one like ours. But we would recommend to everyone to go to see Marrakesh and Morocco if they have the chance, because it’s a unique place for sure.

How do you think Moroccan people’s lifestyle is?

We think that most Moroccan people are humble, very devoted to religion and hard workers. Some of them even try to speak your language when they realize where you are from! They’re friendly.

How much did you spend for 5 days? Is it an expensive place?

You can visit Marrakesh and Morocco at any budget!
We did it at a super small one, we spent around 200/250€ for both of us, including flights, accommodation, food, attractions and gifts. But that means choosing between seeing one attraction or another, staying in a cheap place, not buying a lot of stuff and eating as cheap as possible.
So, it really depends on how much you are willing to spend and what kind of trip you want to take.

Did you find a lot of tourists? Do you think one day tourism will destroy the traditionalism of one place?

Yes, lots and lots of tourists.
No, we don’t think so, actually we think that because of tourism, most of their development was possible because of it, so in a way the tourism it’s also part of their culture, a big one in our opinion.

 Did you go to the market? Was it full of people like it is shown in the movies?

Yes, it’s crowed all day and it’s super confusing!
You have to accept that you are going to lose yourself there, and don’t panic when that happen, just embrace it! 

Did you have to wear the burqa on your head or it was okay without covering your hair?

I didn’t wear anything, it’s okay to walk around with normal clothes, just be respectable of the culture and the places and don’t wear sort clothes or show too much skin.

Leave us a general comment about you experience.

Marrakesh is a place that makes you feel all kind of emotions, good and bad. You must go there with an open mind. Don’t be disrespectful with their culture and you are going to have fun and see a lot of pretty and interesting places. But you also have to have some safety measures like: don’t accept help from strangers, don’t follow anyone you don’t know, don’t take pictures of them doing anything, and PLEASE, don’t take pictures with the animals, the little monkeys and the snakes, they are super explored and mistreated, we must stop feeding that kind of tourism. Besides that, if you have the chance to go there, enjoy the experience, taste all of the food (we loved Moroccan crepes!), have all the experiences your budget can support!

Thanks to Kathy and Miguel that have participated to the “Experience” project.
We hope you the best!

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