Living in Kolkata

Interview to Menhaj Akhtar

Have you ever thought about moving out of India? Why?

Yes I have thought about this. That’s why now I have joined online courses and webinars. Like that I can know the culture, the lifestyle, the social and economy of the world and I can have an idea on where to move one day … also to see the Nature’s beauty created by God.

What do you like the most about your culture ?

Hence India is a multi religious country, there are a lot of different cultures. I like to celebrate the different festivals very much here.
The unity and the love of people’s here makes me feel proud to be Indian.

Is there something that you practice everyday from your culture ?

Yes: to participate and help the poor needy people to celebrate their festivals … their daily needs.

Would you suggest to people to come and visit your city ?

Yes of course!
I suggest to everyone to visit India at least once to see the beauty of Natures and the different cultures, festivals, people of our beautiful country.

What do you like the most about Kolkata ? Why ? 

I like Kolkata’s Durga Puja, Eid, Christmas and many other things.
Festivals here are celebrated in a large number.
Many other religious people also live here and love each others.
So the shopping here is an excellent experience with variety of foods and dresses.

How is living in a so big city ? Is there a lot of caos ?

 It’s so good and comfortable.
Kolkata is a metropolitan city so transportation and communication are easily accessible so life here is easy.
No there is no chaos, because it’s a big city and here the facilities are provided by the government.
We are really thankful to our Cm Mamata Banerjee.

Is it easy to find a job in India ? Is it expensive life there?

No, it’s not so easy in every sector but in Information technology it’s so easily available.
Basically if you have talent then you can get your Job easily.
And no, life’s not so expensive here, Rs 100 to 500 a day could be enough for a simple living in Kolkata.

What’s your favorite dish ? How is Indian food ?

Any Mughlai items, mainly biryani, kebabs … Indian food is famous worldwide.

How is education in India ?

It’s too good in every field.

Leave us a general comment about your country

India is a large country with different religions and cultures and it’s unified in this diversity. India is having the world’s second largest population having around 135 crores. In India we have 5600 different newspapers, 3600 magazines in 21 different Languages. We are amazing and I love my country.

Thanks to Menhaj Akhtar for taking part to the “Experience” project.

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